A prokaryotic cell may possess each of the following cellular components except? ribosomes. flagella. a nucleus. a cell wall. a cell membrane.

Prokaryotic cell is a primitive cell and has limited functions. Thus, nucleus is the correct answer.

What are prokaryotes?

Prokaryotes are the oldest inhabitants on the earth. They are single cell structures.

Prokaryotic cells  (karyon = nucleus) are not well equipped with the cellular structures. They lack nucleus and the nuclear membrane. The other membrane bound organelles are also absent in prokaryotes.

Prokaryotes contain cilia or flagella as locomotory organs. Cytoskeleton is absent in prokaryotes.

Prokaryotes can thrive in the extreme conditions. They can respire anaerobically or can even withstand high temperatures.

Bacteria are considered as prokaryotes. Bacteria dominate the earth and are of various types based on their shape, function etc.

The other examples of prokaryotes include blue-green algae and mycoplasma.

Prokaryotes reproduces without the fusion of gametes. It forms spores or employs other methods of somatic reproduction.

Therefore, prokaryotes, though being the oldest are important for the ecosystem.

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