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We have the next compound:

- calcium nitrate

And we must find its molar mass using the periodic table


First, we must identify the chemical formula for the compound:

- calcium nitrate: Ca(NO3)2

Second, we must identify the molecular weight of each element using the periodic table

- Ca: 40.08 g/mol

- N: 14.01 g/mol

- O: 16.00 g/mol

Third, We must replace the molecular weights in the chemical formula multiplying by the subscript


Finally, we must simplify and the result will be the molar mass of calcium nitrate

\begin{gathered} =40.08+(62.01)\times2 \\ =40.08+124.02 \\ =164.10 \end{gathered}

So, the molar mass would be 164.01 g/mol


164.10 g/mol

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