Consider the reaction below.H₂PO4+H₂O → H3O+ + HPO4²-

Which of the following is a base-conjugate acid pair?

OH₂O and H3O+

OH₂O and H₂PO4

OH₂PO4 and HPO4²-

OH₂PO4 and H3O+

The strong acid and strong base has high rate constant of dessociation. Weak acid and base are the one whose rate constant for the dissociation is low, they do not dissociate readily in water. Therefore, the correct option is option A.

What are acid and base?

Acid is a solution which releases H⁺ hydrogen ion when dissolved in water. Base are the solution which releases hydroxide ion OH⁻ ion when dissolved in water.

The balanced equation is

H₂PO_4+H₂O → H_3O+ + HPO_4²-

H₂PO_4 is a acid and if we remove one hydrogen ion from this then we get an anion called conjugate base. The pair is called acid base conjugate pair. H₂O is acid over here and if we give one hydrogen ion to this then the cation that we will get is called conjugate acid. The pair is called base conjugate acid pair.

Therefore, the correct option is option A.

To know more about acid and bases, here:


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