A 5.00 g of sodium reacted with 5.00 g of oxygen produced 5.38 g sodium oxide, Na₂O. Calculate the theoretical yield.​

The theoretical yield of Na₂O is 6.7 g.

The proportion yield components are calculated to be theoretical yeild divided by way of theoretical yield elevated through a hundred. If the real and theoretical yield ​is identical, the percentage yield is a hundred%. typically, the percent yield is lower than one hundred% because the real yield is often much less than the theoretical yield.

2Na                   +                      1/2O₂ =======>            Na₂O

2 mole of soudium produces 1 mole of  Na₂O

5 g of sodium react with 5 grams of Oxygen

5/23 mole Na                        5/32                                x mole

46 g of Na produces 62 g of Na₂O

5 g of Na produce = 62/46 * 5

                              = 6.7 g of   Na₂O

Hence, The theoretical yield of Na₂O is 6.7 g.

The mole ratio between the reactant and the product. Calculate using the subsequent approach: Convert grams to moles, use the mole ratio to bridge merchandise and reactants, after which convert moles again to grams. In different words, work with moles after which convert them to grams.

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