List the functions of proteins in the text area below.

Answer: 1- Maintenance of oncotic pressure: prot. are macromolecules that hydrate in the plasma and exert a PO retaining water in the vascular medium, all prot. mainly albumin

2- Buffer role: all prot. Plasma acts as a buffer because of their hydrophobic character thus participating in the regulation of acid-base balance

3- Transport function Albumin.Tyroxine binding protein (TBP), transferrin, apoproteins..etc.

4- Enzymes and coenzymes: renin, orosomucoid (coenzymes of LPL)

5- Role in coagulation and fibrinolysis: fibrinogen, thrombin. antithrombin

6- Role in immunity: Ig (lgA JgG.lgM) and complement proteins

7- Role in the allergic: IgE and complement fractions

8- Role in inflammation: α1 antitrypsin, orosomucoides .cerulioplasmin, cytokines, CRP

9- Hormonal role: insulin, glucagon, pituitary stimulins (TSH, FSH, LH)

10- And finally a structural role (such as actin or tubulin that participate in the architecture of the cell, the keratin that makes


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Answer:provide structure,transport substances,fight diseases,regulate cell processes,send messages,&create movement


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