You are the network administrator for a small consulting firm. you've set up an ntp server to manage the time across all the machines in the network. you have a computer that's experiencing a slight time drift of just a few seconds. which time correction should you use to fix the system's clock?

NTP is a built-in UDP protocol; NTP server communication takes place over port 123, while NTP clients (such as desktop computers) use port 1023.

What is NTP, or the Network Time Protocol?

A network protocol called Network Time Protocol (NTP) is used to synchronize with computer clock time sources. It is a component of the TCP/IP suite and one of its earliest. The computer-based client-server programs and the protocol are both referred to as NTP.

Which NTP server ought to I utilize?

If you need to locate multiple NTP servers, use (or,, etc.) in most cases. The system will try to locate the closest servers that are available for you.

Learn more about Network Time Protocol here:


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