If criminal behavior is learned, who taught the first criminal? have you ever been exposed to pro-crime definitions? how did you handle them? did they affect your behavior?

1.Mostly, we learned it from animal behaviors. 
Animal acted on an instictual basis in handling their situation, which could very much lead to violent confrontation.
Since humans and animals shared many similar characteristics, we could argued that humans could acted the same way when we're handling difficult situation

2. Pro-crime refers to a situation when you're deemed as being guilty simply because you're accused of doing a crime., regardless whether the accusation is true or not.
Yes, i have been accused of pro-crime.
On time, when i was sitting on a bench, a man suddenly accused me of having his wallet simply because he lost it and he previously sit at the exact spot where i Sit.
At that time, suddenly people around us demanding me to return his wallet without listening to my side of the story. 

3. I had to admit that i didn't handle it very well. I became really agressive and started to lashing out to that man.
I even grap his shirt collar and almost physically harmed him but other people around us held me down.

4, Yes, very much.
Being accused on the spot like that made my way of thinking became really clouded.
My head suddenly filled with anger because i felt that i was treated really unfairly which make my actions after that became really illogical it's like the false accusation actually influence me to do a crime of agression.

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