People start businesses for a number of reasons.In our American_____, all people make important economic decisions. These include______ , how to make it, and who to make it for. In other words, we decide what to do with our own________ .

Some people decide that they do not want to work for someone else. They would rather start their own business. One of the first things they do is see if there is a good or service that is_______. For example, if there is not a hamburger restaurant in a part of town, a person may choose to open one there. Then, he or she will need to have proper______ to purchase what is needed to start the business. This could be the land for the business, or maybe_____, or purchasing the equipment they will need. They will also have to_____ to help them make whatever they will be selling. This could mean finding workers that have a special skill or it could be finding someone who can be trained to do the tasks. When the day comes to open the business, the person who started it- we call such a person an______ has already decided how much they will charge for their products. But there is one thing that all business owners hope to make: a_______ !

Please fill in the blanks with these :

buying a building, entrepreneur, finances, free enterprise system, hire labor, needed in the community, private property, profit, what to make


In our American_____, all people make important

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For some of the answers, I am not so sure of, please double check and good luck!

1) Free enterprise system

2)What to make

3) Private property (not sure)

4) needed in the community

5) finances (not sure)

6) buying a building

7) hire labor

8) entrepreneur

9) profit

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