A parcel of air is being forced up the windward side of a 7,000-foot-high mountain. The parcel has a temperature of 91.0°F at 0 feet in elevation. If the LCL is located at 5,000 feet, what is the temperature of this parcel of air at 1,000 feet?


Temperature of parcel at 1000 ft is 85.5°F


Temperature of parcel at 0 ft =T₁ = 91.0°F

Dry adiabatic rate = 5.5°F/100 ft

Temperature of parcel at H₂ (1000 ft) = T₂ =?

Height of LCL = 5000 ft

As (1000<5000), so using the formula for parcel below or at the LCL i.e.

                        T_{2}=T_{1}-\Delta T

                        \Delta T =H_{2}\times DAR

                        \Delta T=1000(\frac{5.5}{1000})

                        \Delta T= 5.5^{o}



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