5.Your friend wants to improve his/her cardiovascular endurance and asked you for advice. Choose the best answer to help your friend improve his/her cardiovascular endurance.


Exercising in your target heart rate.


Exercising below your target heart rate.


Exercising above your target heart rate.


All of the above

Answer: A. Exercising
above your target heart rate.

The individual's current
level of fitness depends on the amount of exercise needed. I would advise my
friend to exercise above her/his target heart rate to help improve her/his
cardiovascular endurance for an individual has genetically the capacity to
adapt to training, his or her fitness goals, and to the component being
developed such as improve cardiovascular endurance.

In addition, if my friend is
exercising with in or below her/his target heart rate, her/his goal will not be
achieve because her/his stamina and strength will not increase. If she/he will
like to improve her/his cardiovascular endurance, a gradual increase in her/his
workouts must be done.  Therefore, she/he must exercise above her/his target heart rate.

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