How do gravity and dark matter shape the galaxies and affect their environment?

Here is the answer of the given question above. Gravity and dark matter shape the galaxies and how this affects their environment since the dark matter holds galaxies together and gives them their spin and adds to their mass. Both gravity and dark matter shape the galaxies and decide their form. The force of gravity is responsible for pulling other celestial objects and stars inwards to the center of the galaxy, making them more organized in structure.

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Dark matter hold the galaxy, give them spin and add to their mass.


After the Big-bang theory, all the atoms and particles including dark matter was scattered in the Universe and massive amount of heat was released. After years when temperature dropped, dark matter collected all the particles, through this way universe was formed.

Hence dark matter gives mass to galaxy and provide spin as the effect of its gravity is observed by the movement of various celestial bodies.

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