Donna sent her grandson a birthday present. The box weighed 0.875 kilograms and the present itself weighed 6,800 grams. a. What was the gross weight of the package in kilograms? b. If shipping costs 74 cents per kilograms, how much did the package cost to send, in dollars?

A) We know that the box weighed 0.875 kg, and the present weighed 6,800 g. However we need the gross weight of the package in kg, so we have to convert the present's weight to kg. There are 1000 grams in 1 kg, so we can divide the present's weight by 100 to find the weight in kg:

 \frac{6,800}{1000} =6.8 kg

Now that we have converted to grams, let's add the weight to get the total gross weight:

0.875+6.8=7.675 kg

So the gross weight of the package is 7.675 kg.

b) Shipping costs 74 cents per kg, so in order to find the total cost of shipping for the package, let's multiply the weight of the package by the cost of shipping:

 \frac{7.675kg}{1}* \frac{74 cents}{kg}=567.95 cents

However the cost of shipping has to be in dollars. There are 100 cents in one dollar, so we need to divide the amount of cents that shipping costs by 100 to get the total in dollars:

 \frac{567.95cents}{100} =5.68dollars

Now we know that the total cost of shipping, in dollars, is equal to $5.68.

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