Three Brothers each have their own savings they borrow $72 from the parents for concert tickets each brother must pay back an equal share of this amount also the youngest brother owes his parents $15. But how much was the youngest Brothers savings change after he pays his parents

Alright, lets get started.

Three brothers together borrow $ 72 from their parents.

This $ 72 has an equal share of each brother.

So, share of each brother will be = \frac{72}{3} = 24

So, the same share will be for youngest brother too.

It means youngest brother has to pay $ 24 to his parents.

He already owes $ 15 from his parents.

So, total he must pay back will be = 24 + 15 = 39

So, once he returns the money to his parents, his savings will be changed - $ 39 .

So the answer is - $39.   :   Answer

Hope it will help :)

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