Find the area of an equilateral triangle (regular 3-gon) with the given measurement.9-inch perimeter

A = sq. in.

I think it is 45.5. 1/2 base*height. (9*9 = 81. 81/2 = 45.5.

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3.89 inches square

Step-by-step explanation:

We are given with an equilateral triangle and we are required to find its area.

The area of an equilateral triangle is given by the formula

A=\frac{\sqrt{3} }{4} s^{2}

Where s is the side of triangle.

Also given that perimeter is 9 inches. This means sum of all equal sides is 9



that is



Now we put the value of s from here in our formula for Area

A=\frac{\sqrt{3} }{4} (3)^{2}\\A=\frac{\sqrt{3} }{4} *9\\A=3.89

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