Midpoint of (-3,2) (4,-5)


the given points are, A(-3,2) and B(4,-5)

now, we have;

midpoint =

 \frac{x1  + x2}{2}  -  \frac{y1 + y2}{2}

or, midpoint =

 \frac{ - 3 + 4}{2}  -  \frac{2 - 5}{2}

therefore the midpoint is (1/2,-3/2)... ans

hope it helps...

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The answer is:
(1/2 , -3/2)

this is because you would have to do the midpoint formula which is ((x1+x2)/2 , (y1+y2)/2). so with that given, you would put in the given points, which are (-3,2) and (4,-5). now you have ((-3+4)/2 , (2-5)/2). then you would add/subtract the number in the numerator. then you have your answer... (1/2 , -3/2).
i hope this makes since

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