Heather paid $2,022.30 for a computer. If the price paid includes a 7% sales tax, which if the following equation can be used to determine the price of the computer after tax?(Let x represent the cost of the computer and y represent the total cost after tax.)

(Let x represent the cost of the computer and y



Step-by-step explanation:

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Step-by-step explanation:

The Total cost, price plus taxes, will given by

1) Dividing the tax 7 by 100, and write it in its decimal form:


2) Add the number 1, and make it a constant

0.07+1=1.07 \Rightarrow y=1.07x

This function fits to calculate the total cost after a 7% tax. In this case just plug $2,022.30 for x, then solve for y to have the total cost.


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