What is a continent To eliminate the terms and solve for y in the fewest steps, by which constants should the equations be multiplied by before adding the equations together? First equation: 9x + 3y = -18 Second equation: 8x + 7y = 10


To eliminate solve for y, we need to eliminate x and we will do that by multiplying the first  equation by 8   and multiply the second equation by 9.


Step-by-step explanation:

In the equations:

9x + 3y = -18  -----------------------------------------------------------------(1)

8x + 7y = 10 --------------------------------------------------------------------(2)

To solve for  y, we will have to eliminate x

To eliminate x, we will follow the steps below;

multiply equation (1) through by 8   and multiply equation (2) through by 9

The resulting equations are

72x + 24y  = -144 ----------------------------------------------------------(3)

72x +  63y =  90  -----------------------------------------------------------(4)

Then we will go ahead and subtract equation  (4) from equation (3)

39y =234

divide both-side of the equation by 39

39y /39=234/39


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