The length of one base of a trapezoid is 19 less than five times the length of the other base. If the trapizoid has a height of 18 feet and an area of 477ft to the 2nd square, fing the length of the longer base

Let the length of one base of trapezoid be x, and the length of other base is 19 less than 5 times the length .

So the other base is


And the formula of area of trapezoid is

 A = ( \frac{b_{1} + b_{2}}{2}) *h

 477 = ( \frac{x+5x-19}{2} )*18

Dividing both sides by 18,

  26.5= \frac{6x-19}{2}
53 = 6x-19
72 = 6x
x = 12

So length of the longer base is

 = 5(12)-19 = 41

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