Step 2: Radii OK and NL are perpendicular to OM because of the radius-tangent theorem. By definition of perpendicular, angles KOM and LNM are right angles. This means that triangles KOM and LNM are right triangles. Angle LMN is common to both right triangles, so by the _________________________, triangles KOM and LNM are similar.


Angle Angle Angle (AAA) property

Step-by-step explanation:

A right angled triangle is a triangle that has one of its angles to equal 90^{0}. It could be in the form of an isosceles triangle or an acute angled triangle.

The given question compares the congruence properties of two triangles, KOM and LNM.


<KOM = <LNM (right angle theorem)

<LMN = <KMO (common angles to both triangles)

⇒ <OKM = <NLM (property of a triangle i.e sum of angle in a triangle is 180^{0})

ΔKOM = ΔLNM (congruence property)

Therefore, by angle angle angle (AAA) congruence property, the two triangles are similar.

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