Suppose you are a detective assigned to a robbery case. In this case, the robbery occurred at 2:30 PM. You have a witness who saw suspect at a gas station 12 miles from the robbery site at 2:48 PM. The suspect claims innocence, arguing that it would have been impossible to get to the gas station in that amount of time. Do you agree? Support your answer.

Yes it is possible because:

at 2:30 PM the crime occurred but they went 12 miles away in 18 minutes to a gas station is possible (it wouldn’t be if they had to walk probably) but if they drove a car it is entirely possible

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Step-by-step explanation:

Time of robbery = 2 : 30 PM

Witness saw the suspect at the time = 2 : 48 PM

Difference in timings = 2 : 48 - 2 : 30 = 18 minutes

Distance of the robbery site and gas station = 12 miles

Speed by which suspect can drive to reach the gas station

= \frac{\text{Distance}}{\text{Time}}

= \frac{12}{18} miles per minute

= \frac{12}{18}\times 60 miles per hour

= 40 miles per hour

Since 40 miles per hour is a nominal speed by which the suspect can easily reach the gas station.

Therefore, I don't agree with the suspect's statement that it is impossible to get to the gas station in that amount of time.

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