Please help due at 11:45 I really do t understand please help!!!!

1. C. Exponential form. Exponential form is just taking one number and raising it to another number. Example: 2^3

2. H. Power is correct. A power is the upper number of an exponential.

3. G. Perfect square. Squaring a whole number represents the area of a square, which is where the term comes from.

4. J. Quotient. A quotient is a result of dividing two numbers.

5. D. Expression. An expression is anything that involves numbers and variables. Specifically using the order of operations on them or some kind of math function.

6. i. Product. A product is a result of multiplying two or more numbers or variables.

7. E. Factors. In this case, it shows 12 having the factors: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12. Factors of 12 are numbers that pair up and multiply to get 12, so for instance 3*4 = 12.

8. A. Base. You are correct. Nice work. The base of an exponential expression is the lower number or variable.

9. B. Expanded form. This is showing it being fully factored as much as possible.

10. F. Perfect cube. A perfect cube is a number that results in taking any whole number and multiplying it by itself 3 times. Example: 7 cubed = 7^3 = 7*7*7 = 343

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