Help! h(t)=-16t^2 +128 tAn arrow is fired into the air with an initial velocity of 128 feet per second. The height in feet of the arrow t seconds after it was shot into the air is given by the function above. h(t)=-16t^2 +128 t After how many seconds does the arrow take to reach its maximum height?

a)4 seconds

b).25 seconds

c)8 seconds

d)3 seconds

In the previous problem, you determined the time it takes for the arrow to reach its maximum height. Use that information to find the maximum height of the arrow.

a)256 ft

b)896 ft

c)240 ft

d)31 ft


It takes 4 seconds

Step-by-step explanation:

Need to find the Vertex of h(t)

to find maximum height.

Vertex at  t = -b/(2a)

t = -(128) / (2*-16) =  4 seconds

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