Find sum of integers include between 3 and 1000 and each is divisible by 7

The sum of integers between 3 and 1000 means the sum of multiples of 7 between 3 and 1000. (it does not matter for this problem whether we include or exclude the endpoints because neither are multiples of 7 :P)

3<7n<1000  divide both sides by 7

3/7<n<142.8 so n varies from 1 to 142

The first term is 7 and the last term is 994, and this set consists of (142-1+1)=142 terms.

The sum of any arithmetic sequence is the average of the first and last terms times the number of terms.  In this case:



The sum of multiples of 7 between 3 and 1000 is 71071.

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