If y varies inversely as x and y = 40 when x = 5, then the constant isA.1/8



The answer is b. 200

If y varies inversely as x, then: y = c/x

We know:
y = 40
x = 5

y = c/x
c = y * x
c = 40 * 5
c = 200

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b. 200

Step-by-step explanation:

We have been given that y varies inversely as x.

Since we know that equation that represents the inversely proportional relation between y and x is:y=\frac{k}{x}, where,

k= Constant of proportionality.

Upon substituting our given values in above equation we will get,


Let us multiply both sides of our equation by 5.

40\times 5=\frac{k}{5}\times 5


Therefore, constant of proportionality for our given quantities is 200 and option b is the correct choice.

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