Georgia is making cupcakes at her bakery. she has enough batter to make 377 chocolate cupcakes, and 935 vanilla cupcakes. if she makes them in a pan that bake 24 at a time, how many times will she refill the pan?

All you have to do is add the number of vanilla and the number of chocolate, then divide the result by 24. You round up the result to the nearest whole number.

Like so:

So, she would have to refill it 55 times to use all the batter.

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377 + 935 = 1312 Cupcakes Total.
(Vanilla + Chocolate = Total Cupcakes)

1312/24 = 54.6
(Total cupcakes/Number of cupcakes that can be made in a single pan = Number of times Georgia has to refill the pan.)

Georgia can refill her pan 55 times (Rounding up, because if you round down, then not all the cupcakes would be baked) to make the cupcakes she want.

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