When Justinian I became emperor, what were the three things he set out to do during his reign?

Byzantine Empire's Golden empire:name
1.) Reunited Roman empire
2.)Justinian code
3.)Rebuilds Constantinople(Hagia Sophia)

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During his reign he sought to revive the ancient grandeur of the Roman-Classical Empire, recapturing much of the lost territories of the Western Roman Empire. After securing the eastern border containing the Persians, the reunification of the Roman Empire was proposed, recapturing the vast territories lost in the West.

Another of his most impressive legacies was the uniform compilation of Roman law in the work of Corpus Juris Civilis, which is still the basis of the civil law of many modern states.

His reign also marked a high point in Byzantine culture, embellished Constantinople and its construction program gave as fruits works of art such as the church of Saint Sophia, which would be the center of the Orthodox Church for many centuries.

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