Read this paragraph from the speech.Our freedom began at the end of the Civil War. That was thirty years ago. We started with a few quilts, pumpkins and chickens. Today we make new tools for farming. We make carriages. We make steam-engines work better. We print newspapers. We write books. We create art. We run drug stores. We have banks.

What kind of freedom is Booker T. Washington talking about in this paragraph?

Group of answer choices

freedom from war

freedom to vote

freedom to work

freedom to be farmers

The correct answer is; Freedom to work.

Further Explanation:

The paragraph speaks about how African American people have been able to  work without being held back by slavery. In this paragraph he spoke about starting out with pumpkins, quilts, and chickens. They would sell pumpkins, eggs, and quilts for a small amount of money.

Now they have started working on larger scale in factories and inventing their own things and making more money almost equal to the white population.

Booker T. Washington did many things for the African American population during his lifetime. Some of the things he is known for were;

  • Being an author
  • being an educator
  • Presidential advisor
  • Leader of the Black Elite

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