Should abortion be legal? why or why not

I believe that it should not be made legal as it could be counted as a murder or homicide in several laws around the world. The UN also has a law regarding a right to live, and abortion clearly violates that. Even if let us say that the child was borne out of rape or a crime, it should not be an excuse to commit another crime.

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This is a pretty complex question that might not just be a yes or no answer. 

Some factors you might want to think about:

1) When do you think human life begins? Some people think it begins the moment an egg is fertilized. Others think it doesn't begin until a fetus is viable, meaning until it can survive outside the mother's womb. Other think it doesn't begin until a baby is actually born. 

2) How do you balance the needs/health/etc of a mother versus her fetus? Some people think the fetus should come first. Others think the life of the mother should come first. Many fall somewhere between these two. To give an example of what types of scenarios this might mean, what would you do if a pregnant woman has cancer and needs radiation or she might die, but if she has the radiation, it might kill the fetus? It's not easy to weigh one life versus the other.

3) Are there situations that are exceptions to the rules you would lay out based on your responses to the above questions? For example, if a woman is raped, do you think she should be able to end her pregnancy even if in every other case you would say no? What about in cases of incest, where a child is impregnated by a family member? 

4) Where do you think decision-making authority should lie? Do you think that the government should be in charge of it? If so, at what level - local, state, federal? Or do you think abortion is a personal issue that people should decide for themselves with their families?

These are just some of the things you might want to consider.

If I were you, I would think about where you stand on the above issues, and then write a paper that doesn't just take a simple yes or no stance. A great paper on this topic would take into account all of the complexities of this topic and will reflect your own personal point of view, while also allowing for the fact that this is an incredibly emotional and personal issue.

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