Compared to fighting in europe, the united states suffered what disadvantage in the pacific theater during world war ii?

For the Pacific, it is likewise did not by any means have a forward base from which to arrange attacks, as we did in Europe with England against Germany, and the bombarding strikes against Japan needed to amass B-29's from numerous bases so coordination was troublesome. 
The greater part of our provisions must be moved via ocean, which put colossal requests on delivery and it was difficult to secure those supply sends over such a major sea as the Pacific. The Japanese were exceptionally well delved into the islands they protected, and put stock in the Code of Bushido - that to pass on for the Emperor was a heavenly demise and to surrender was an interminable disrespect. In Germany, just the SS was that over the top. 
Since we needed to depend on our naval force in the Pacific for pretty much everything, what we lost at Pearl Harbor put us off guard until no less than 1943.

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