The geographic distribution of the mesosaurus, a small swimming reptile that lived during the late paleozoic, shows that the reptile lived on the southwest coast of what is now africa and the southeast coast of what is now south america. this provides evidence that

The Africa and South America continents were once connected as one continent before the separation that caused the formation of the Atlantic ocean

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It suggests that the continents were connected together in the geological past


The Mesosaurus was a small swimming reptile, that lived during the time of late Paleozoic and was found to be present in the rocks of the southwestern coast of Africa and southeastern coast of South America. The presence of this fossil is a piece of good evidence for the continental drift, which suggests that both the continents were once attached together before the formation of the Atlantic ocean. These two continents were a part of the super-continent named 'Pangaea'.

The drifting of the continents refers to the floating of the continents from one place to another over the vast ocean water body, with respect to the poles. It was first discovered by Alfred Wegener.

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