VuELVITITWhat role did Simón Bolívar play in revolutions in Latin America?

A. He invaded Spain along with French forces under Napoleon.

B. He led a revolutionary army to fight for New Granada's


C. He helped establish the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata.

CD. He unified eviously independent states to form Venezuela



He led a revolutionary army to fight for New Granada's  independence


In 1811, Simón Bolívar, military and political, proclaimed the independence of the then New Granada. Bolivar decided first to fight for the independence of New Granada (which was a viceroyalty), intending to later consolidate the independence of Venezuela and other politically less significant Spanish territories.

Due to the resistance of the Spanish, only in 1819, the Republic of Colombia was created, the first constitution was promulgated, and Simón Bolívar was declared president. In 1821, the region was called Great-Colombia, and the leadership of that great area was given to him.

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