The historian Procopius attributes this speech to Theodora. She supposedly said it to Justinian when he wanted to flee from the Nika Riots. "Now if you wish to save yourself, O Emperor, this is not hard. For we have much money; there is the sea, here are the boats. But think whether after you have been saved you may not come to feel that you would have preferred to die. As for me, I like a certain old proverb that says: royalty is a good shroud (burial garment)." —History of the Wars, Procopius Which of the following reflects Theodora’s attitude about dealing with the Nika Riots?A. It is too dangerous to flee the rioters. 
B.It is shameful for an emperor to flee the rioters. 
C.It is politically savvy to flee the rioters. 
D.It is honorable for an emperor to flee the rioters.

it is B.It is shameful for an emperor to flee the rioters.

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The answer is B
I hope this is the ameen

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