Of the following, which person would likely NOT have voted for the Progressive Party in 1912?A. A supporter of the “Bull-Moose” Party

b. Those who believed in a laissez-faire approach to economics

c. A woman who believed she deserved the right to vote

d. A former leader of the Populist movement

Option B, Those who believed in a laissez-faire strategy to the economics would likely not have voted for the Progressive Party in 1912.


The U.S. Progressive Party was founded by former President Theodore Roosevelt in 1912 after he had lost his former protector and Progressive rival President William Howard Taft's presidential nomination to the Republican Party.

Economist Adam Smith introduced laissez-faire économique to the globe in the 18th century, saying that markets and industries work best if the state does less or no. Throughout the years, there has been a laissez-faire policy for different outcomes.

Progressivism was an aspect of a response against the laissez-faire economy and its focus on an unregulated industry. Progressives widely believed that the industrial revolution and urbanization had formed many problems in society. Reformers began to doubt the market economy capacity to address those problems.

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