Analyze the motivations behind imperialism. Select two of the following regions: Asia, Africa, Muslim World/India, the Americas. Identify whether political, social, or economic interests were the main motivation for imperialist nations in each region you selected. Use at least two pieces of evidence (examples) to support your assertions for each region.

Imperialist nation were in search of Asia during the fail of the Crusades and the lost of the trade route to Asia due to the fall of Constantinople. They view the sea as the new way to Asia. Magellan's expedition who's expedition circumnavigate the world was able to reach Asia in search of spices and resources that were not found in Europe.
They also invade Africa due to the rich resources and manpower of slaves in the continent. They view Africa as a pool of slaves because they view black as inferior race of man or worst not consider as human and were treated as animals.

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