Emma has evaluated her skills and determined that she has many strengths, but power is her least-developed skill. She is signing up for a sport, but she wants to avoid anything that plays to her weakness. Which two sports should she avoid? Activity Power Archery * Baseball **** Bicycling * Football **** Gymnastics **** Soccer *** Swimming ** Tennis *** Volleyball ** Gymnastics and soccer Archery and bicycling Swimming and baseball Tennis and volleyball

Activity power archery and gymnastics .

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Tennis and volleyball.


Emma has realized that power is the skill she is most deficient in, so she wants to do sports that don't require much power. In this case, the most suitable for Emma is not to practice sports considered aerobic exercises. This type of exercise requires a lot of power from the athletes, as it is those exercises that we are able to endure for extended periods without feeling uncomfortable or fatigued. Among the sports options given in the question above, those that are considered aerobics are tennis and volleyball, so Emma should not perform these sports.

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