How does lochinvars offer to dance with ellen affect the outcome of the poem ''lochinvar''A.It was a way to get her parents to like him.

B.He could get ellen to introduce him to someone new.

C.It was his chance to say goodbye properly.

D.He could see ellen again and have a chance with her

The correct answer is (D). In the poem “Lochinvar” by Sir
Walter Scott the Lochinvar's offering to dance with Ellen on her wedding day is crucial for the outcome of the
poem. On the day of Ellen’s wedding Lochinvar came to see Ellen again and have
a chance to be with her. Lochinvar asks her for the dance and while they are
dancing he proposes to her to run away with him and she accepts: “One touch to
her hand, and one word in her ear,/When they reach’d the hall-door, and the
charger stood near; /So light to the croupe the fair lady he swung, /So light
to the saddle before her he sprung!”

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Lochinvar offered to dance with Ellen so that (D.) he could see Ellen again and have a chance with her, which ends up affecting the outcome of the poem "Lochinvar".

"Lochinvar" is a poem written by Sir Walter Scott. The poem focuses on young Lochinvar, a gallant knight that is in love with Ellen, who has been forced to marry someone else. Lochinvar does not have a good relationship with her father since he was the one that prohibited Ellen to marry him. When Lochinvar enters the bridal hall, he starts to dance with Ellen. During the dance, he explains to her that there is a horse waiting for the two of them outside and that this is their chance to fly away from her family and her new husband. After Lochinvar reveals this, both of them run to the door and escape in the horse. In that way, Lochinvar asks to dance with Ellen in order to see her and talk to her about his plan to run away together.  

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