Genies case illustrates that the brain has critical periods of development and if these periods are missed the individual is unlikely to develop normally in this area of Their life

Genie was born in 1957 in North America in Arcadia, California. She was a feral child who was a victim of severe abuse, neglect, and social isolation. Her circumstances are prominently recorded in the linguistics and abnormal child psychology association. When she was a baby, her father determined that she had a severe intellectual disability, a view which intensified as she got older, causing him to dislike her and refuse care and attention. At approximately the time she reached the age of 20 months, he decided to keep her as socially isolated as possible, so he kept her locked alone in a room from that time until she reached the age of 13 years and 7 months. During this time, he almost always kept her strapped to a child's toilet or bound her in a crib with her arms and legs completely immobilized, prohibited anyone from interacting with her, provided her with almost no stimulation of any kind, and left her severely famished. The extent of her isolation prevented her from being exposed to any significant amount of speech, and she did not acquire language during her childhood as a result. Her abuse came to the attention of Los Angeles child welfare authorities on November 4, 1970.

This case is the clear proof that the brain needs specific kinds of interactions to learn the social processes required to normally operate in common social environments. We are imitation animal; it is impossible to learn to behave in such a way that we are not exposed to. Ant that is just in regards to conduct, but when it comes to motor-operational functions the situations is as important. If the brain does not learn to control the nerves, muscles, tendons, etc to move normally at an early age, one risks the chance of being impaired for the rest of the life.

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Based on Genie's case, the brain has critical periods of development during early childhood. Genie missed these periods when she was completely socially isolated and kept away from other people during her early childhood to early adolescence. This resulted to the underdevelopment of the basic skills which a child should acquire. 

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