Think of two individuals that you know. These two people most likely share some character traits while they differ in other ways. Write a 5 paragraph compare and contrast essay about the character traits of the two individuals you choose. 

My brother and I

Sometimes I wonder how we could be so different with my brother if we were raised in the same way. Although I think that we may have some similarities too.

Both my brother and me, were raised equally and we were given the same opportunities. As far as looks, people say that we are very much alike, both of us tall and thin, with fair complexion. In addition to that, we also have strong family values.

However, I can't find any more similarities than those listed above. Unlike my brother, I'm a very sociable person. He is reserved and doesn't have a lot of friends. Another extremely noticeable difference is that although money is important, my life doesn't spin around it while my brother is very materialistic.

Finally, our hobbies are completely different. I love nature and playing sports.  Nevertheless my brother has never played a single sport in all his life. He is a bookworm and his ideal weekend is staying at home with a book and a movie.

To sum up, many siblings that have the same parents look a lot alike. Siblings that are raised the same usually share a lot in common. I can't imagine having a brother who is less like me then he is. It's hard to understand how we ended up so different, but were raised the same exact way. Nonetheless, there is one thing that won't change and that is the bond that we have through life, in spite of our differences.

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