“A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty is an example of which kind of archetypal story?A.) a family’s struggle

B.) a hero’s quest

C.) a warrior’s battle

D.) a loner’s isolation

The correct answer should be B. A hero's quest

The hero, in this case the granny, goes on a hero's quest to find medicine and suffers a lot in the journey, both from outside sources such as animals attacking her, as well as her own personal struggles for being old and weak and having weak bones.

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A Worn Path is an adventure of an old woman about her compassion and love towards to her grandson which she wants to get a medicine for him where she persists to stand against several obstacles by herself. In order to reach to the desired location in the city she must pass the forest which is full of dangers and surprises. But she is the determined one and she will achieve her goal this time, as well. Because it is a one-manned journey and because it shows the struggles to get something meant to be done, the correct answer among the given options is B.

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