Read this passage:Kayla and Emma are best friends, and they're at Emma's

house studying for a chemistry exam. Kayla is flunking

chemistry, and Emma is a straight-A student. Kayla asks

Emma if she can copy her answers during the test. Emma

hates the idea of cheating, even for Kayla, and she sleeps

terribly that night. She thinks about pretending to be sick to

avoid the situation, but she goes to school and tells Kayla

that she doesn't feel comfortable cheating and refuses to

give Kayla the answers. Kayla fails the test and is mad at

Emma for a long time. Eventually Kayla realizes that

cheating is wrong, and she and Emma make up.

Which statement best represents the conflict in this passage?

Kayla and Emma are best friends, and they're at

It is C. Hope this helps.

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It would be C, because that is the main thing discussed in the short passage. Avoiding Kayla is a tricky one because that's disucssed, but think about what this is all about "cheating and copying". In order to find what is best described, look at the keywords in the statements. If it doesn't talk about it much, cross the option out. Hope that helps :)

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