I wonder how many asteroids superman could (disdain, pulverize) with his bare hands.

I believe this question is which word best fits in the sentence? If so, it would be pulverize

Disdain: I wonder how many asteroids Superman could disdain with his bare hands. Now first, let's figure out the definition of disdain. Disdain basically means disrespect, or contempt. It means that that he is looked upon as disrespected. This could be correct, but considering pulverize is a better word for the sentence, it will have to be incorrect this time.

Pulverize: I wonder how many asteroids Superman could pulverize with his bare hands. Once again, let's find the definition of pulverize. It means to crush, or destroy completely. That seems like the correct word to fit into the sentence, yes? It makes sense that he would crush asteroids, rather than disrespect them. 

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because i already know what pulverize means and what it does.

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