A Blu-ray disc is approximately 12 centimeters in diameter. The drive motor of the Blu-ray player is able to rotate up to 10,000 revolutions per minute, depending on what track is being read. (a) Find the maximum angular speed (in radians per second) of a Blu-ray disc as it rotates.


The max angular speed is 1047.19 rad/s


As per the question:

No. of revolution, N = 10,000 rpm (revolution per minute)

Diameter of the disc, d = 12 cm = 0.12 m


The maximum angular speed of the disc in radians per second (rps) when the disc rotates is given by:

(a) Maximum angular speed, \omega_{m} = \frac{2\pi N}{60}

\omega_{m} = \frac{2\pi\times 10000}{60} = 1047.19\ rad/s

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