Which of the following is not a standard method called as partof the JSP life cycle?? jspInit()

? jspService()

? _jspService()

? jspDestroy()




These are the steps in JSP life cycle

1. We have to convert JSP page to Servlet.

2.Then we compile the JSP page which convert it into test.java

3. In test.java ,we load the classes(test.class) in container.

4. Object(instance) is created in container .

5. Then, we initialize the init() method at the time of servlet generation.  

6. After the initialization,for the requests we use _jspService() method to serve the incoming requests from JSP.

7. When the work of JSP is completed, we remove it from container by the help of jspDestroy() method.

There is no jspService() method in the JSP life cycle.

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