Identify two sources of oil pollution. Explain how these sources directly impact the environment.

Oil pollution typically affects the ocean more directly and greater than any other environmental systems. Two major sources of oil pollution would be: 1)Automobile oil (which a car & other land vehicles drip to the ground which then runs off from roads and other surfaces during rainstorms)

and perhaps the biggest source would be

2)Natural Seeps that leak oil from underneath the surface of the Earth (water is denser than oil, so oil being lighter escapes the column of water from pressurized seafloor rock and leaks into the ocean. Most of the tens of tons of oil leaked from the seafloor is consumed by marine bacteria)

Oil pollution affects the marine animals directly so blowholes of whales and dolphins get clogged. making it difficult for them to breathe & communicate. Since oil floats, the creatures who's habitat resides in the sea surface such as otters and *seabirds get affected the most by these spills. Otter's fur gets covered in oil so they are vulnerable to hypothermia since their fur isn't in its natural texture. Apart from the immediate effects, oil pollutions contaminates the food supply for many of these marine mammals

(*seabirds are harmed/killed in the most  numbers than any other creature as a result of oil pollution in the environment)

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