You need to make 10 mL of 2 mg/ml solution of protein and you have 25 mg/mL solution. How much protein solution and water do you need to mix in order to make the required solution? the problem cannot be solved, as we do not know the molecular weight of the protein 8 mL of protein solution, 92 mL of water 0.8 mL of protein solution, 9.2 mL of water 2.5 mL of protein solution, 7.5 mL of water 8 mL of protein solution, 2 mL of water


0.8 mL of protein solution, 9.2 mL of water


The dilution equation can be used to relate the concentration C₁ and volume V₁ of the stock/undiluted solution to the concentration C₂ and volume V₂ of the diluted solution:

C₁V₁ = C₂V₂

We would like to calculate the value for V₁, the volume of the inital solution that we need to dilute to make the required solution.

V₁ = (C₂V₂) / C₁ = (2mg/mL x 10mL) / (25 mg/mL) = 0.8 mL

Thus, a volume of 0.8 mL of protein solution should be diluted with enough water to bring the total volume to 10 mL. The amount of water needed is:

(10 mL - 0.8 mL) = 9.2 mL

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