A series circuit has two 5.0-ohm resistors and a power source of 9.0 volts. How will the current be affected and what will it be if another resistor (with a resistance of 7.5 ohms) is added to the circuit?A.increase; 0.51 amps

B.increase; 0.72 amps

C.increase; 3.6 amps

D.decrease; 0.51 amps

E.decrease; 0.72 amps

The formula for solving current given with resistance and power source or voltage is shown below:
I = V/R  

When two 5 ohms resistors are in series, we have:
I = 9 volts / (5+5 ohms)
I = 0.9 amperes

When it is being added with another 7.5 resistors, we have:
I = 9 volts / (5+5+7.5 ohms)
I = 0.529 ampere

The answer to the question is the letter "D. decrease; 0.51 amps".

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