Assume the following for the town of Boone: it has a total population of 60,000 people, of which 4,000 are under 16 years of age or are institutionalized; 4,000 are full-time students who are not employed and are not seeking work; and 50,000 are employed. The rest of the people are out of work but have been actively seeking work within the past four weeks.What is Boone's unemployment rate?

Answer: Boone's unemployment rate is 3.85%.

We need to calculate the number of people who are unemployed in Boone.

Number of unemployed people =   Total population\\                                                        - People under 16 or institutionalized\\                                                        -  Full time students\\                                                         -  Employed people

Number of unemployed people = 60,000 - 4000 - 4000 - 50000

Number of unemployed people = 2,000

Next we calculate the civilian labor force.

Civilian Labor Force = Number of employed people + Number of unemployed people

Civilian Labor Force = 50000 + 2000 = 52000

Finally, we calculate the unemployment rate as follows:

Unemployment rate = \frac{No. of unemployed people}{Civilian labor force}

Unemployment rate = \frac{2000}{52000} = 0.038461538

Unemployment Rate = 3.85%

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