You read about the glass ceiling in chapter 9. Give an example of an executive who has broken the glass ceiling in your opinion (other than the example already stated in the chapter slides). Make sure to state the name, organization and position in the organization. Explain the details of what challenges were posed to them and how they handled it.

Answer and Explanation:

Breaking the glass ceiling is a metaphor commonly used for women leadership breaking the corporate earlier male dominated coprate mindset ans ideas.

There is a significant increase in women in top position in past two decades, women around the word have proven that they are no-less than men when it comes to take decision, run large MNCs and lead the company's growth story.

Taking example of Danielle Suchley, Managaing director of Beneple, is also MD of Finsbury Associates and two other companies. She is successful corporate professional and excellent mother of two, one of whom is only 1.5 yrs old.

Other example is Vinita Bali, CEO of Brittania Industries is strategist behind brittania's growth.

Taking example from Banking Industry, Chanda kocchar (ICICI Bank) and Shikha Sharma (AXIS Bank) are the top women ruling the banking sector in India.

In recent published article, Catalyst, Women CEO of S&P 500 (2017), there are around 45% of women in US Coporate workforce, among them 6% are CEOs and around 10% are top earners, and 20 % have board seats for the organizations.

Other examples are Marry T bara (GM Motors), Safra A catz (Oracle), Indra Nooyi (Pepsico), Meg Whitman (Hewlett-Packard Enterprise)

So, Top Women Coporates breaking the All Boys Culture are very well advancing the coporate ladders and are great example for others.

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