Assume that Blossom Company received the balance due from Ayayai Co. on January 2 of the following year instead of December 13. Prepare the journal entry to record the receipt of payment on January 2.


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If Blossom Company received on December 13 (Assuming perpetual inventory system was used), the journal entry to record the receipt -

Debit     Cash                     $466,970

Debit     Sales Discount     $9,530

Credit    Accounts receivable   $476,500

Giving 2% discount to the customer after the sales return and allowances because the customer paid the amount within the terms 2/10, n/30.

As the customer failed to pay on December 13 and paid on January 2, the company did not receive the sales discount. And the following journal entry will be required -

Debit      Cash                $476,500

Credit     Accounts receivable      $476,500

After deducting the sales returns, Blossom company will receive the payment.

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