A random experiment with three outcomes has been repeated 50 times, and it was learned that E1 occurred 20 times, E2 occurred 13 times, and E3 occurred 17 times. Assign probabilities to the following outcomes for E1, E2 and E3. Round your answer to two decimal places. What method did you use?a) classical methodb) relative frequency methodc) subjective method





I used the relative frequency method


To solve this question we can use the relative frequency to find out each probability. The relative frequency is the ratio of the occurrence of each event and the total number of outcomes.

Here the experiment has been repeated 50 times, so that is the total number of outcomes and the denominator. There are 3 possible events E1, E2, and E3, so we can calculate the ratios to get the probabilities

Event E1 occurred 20 times of the 50: P(E1)=\frac{20}{50}

Event E2 occurred 13 times of the 50: P(E2)=\frac{13}{50}

Event E3 occurred 17 times of the 50: P(E3)=\frac{17}{50}

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